As we now live in #ABrandNewEra . . . GENTLEMEN, the time for beginning change is NOW. No longer will society put up with mankind’s insistence to continue to regard archaic and narrow definitions of sexual definitions of what some would call normal behavior such as ‘heteronormative patriarchy has had for the past two thousand years. Those days are gone, way past and bordering on extinct as it soon will be. In realizing the wording may seem to be a tinch overdone, tough break as a species there will be either rougher days ahead or smooth sailing for the rest of humanity.  It all begins with what is in your heart.

Men have had well over 2000 years to try and get it right on human and social issues and we have failed miserably. We must now re-learn to “unpack our social Knapsacks” and look at wiser and more humane choices for ’real change’ as we continue to enter the 21st century.

Humanity has woken to a new dawn of change. Together as a human family, we must adapt ourselves to this change. To the male half of the species: We must now consider ourselves on notice as the man’s song has warned us a long time ago that indeed “A Change is Gonna Come” and it has. If one is personally ready for this change than we welcome you in celebration, unfortunately, If you are unwilling to adapt and re-learn some basic concepts concerning violence against women and females (VAWA), then the coming storm and its change will consume you.

If “Human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights,” then let us not forget that among those rights are the right to speak freely – and the right to be heard.’ We need to understand that there is no formula for how women should lead their lives. That is why we must respect the choices that each woman makes for herself and her family. Every woman deserves the chance to realize her God-given potential. ‘It is a known fact that ‘you cannot have maternal health without reproductive health. And reproductive health includes contraception and family planning and access to legal, safe abortion.’ We must take heed in the words of Hillary Clinton that “there are those among us who would fight tooth and nail to see women’s health policies take a dangerous dive.” Humanity will continue to progress in real justice and equality regardless if you are alive or not.

All the while, these changes have their constructs in what will take place in the next administration. These global changes promise to be the watershed event for ‘All Women, females, mothers and families. Together with members of historically marginalized groups such as Black and Latino, Islanders, together with women’s organizations and federally mandated groups such as LGBTQ organizations will soon feel the full effect of the United States Constitution as whites have historically laid claim to. Global poverty will be on its way out. And if the change accidentally touches your life, well sorry about that but those who have lived in poverty, racism, sexism their whole lives are demanding and taking their rights.

About batai52

Brother, father, photographer, filmmaker, writer, artist, veteran, Iroquois/Scottish, aquarian and lover of Martinis "so dry you have to blow the dust off." There are many I admire: Maya Angelou, Ezra Pound, Morris Dees, Cornel West and Alan Alda (Hawkeye Pierce M*SH) for his art and activism. A true activist. Me? Just a ripple on a wave, a feminist in training (FIT) ;-) and working on my own human condition. Onward . . . . .
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