A letter to Representative John Lewis

Representative John Lewis
U.S. House of Representatives
from Georgia’s 5th district
Washington, DC Office
343 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515


Allan L. Hill


December 11, 2016

Re: Hillary R. Clinton


Dear Representative Lewis,

Firstly, as a human being and a Hillary supporter, I commend you on your decision to submit a bill to congress to authorize a second national election.   I have had mixed feelings all along on the republican Electors.   The Electors just might get rid of Donald Trump, but even then the rightful heir would be denied her seat, as they would want to vote in another Republican so this makes no sense.

It seems that we agree with each other in that you and I both want the REAL president at the helms of our nation, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  We will get Hillary Clinton her well-deserved administration, and we all will get a second chance at life.

I have been asking people to please think back to her SOSOTUS days and think about why she was visiting all those countries, I’ll tell you-“Women’s Rights are Human Rights” (Hillary’s Beijing speech). SDGs and MDGs, and setting up trade with countries depending on if they would change their ways on how they treat women and their maligned communities.

This would mean no more #ExtremeGlobalPoverty, #GenderInequality, #MarriageInequality, #FinancialInequality and the world would be experiencing improvements in: #FemalesHealthandSafety, improved #EducationforFemales. improved #Finance and #Innovationimprovements for all, #Hunger will become an issue of the past along with improved #SanitationandEnvironment for all.  We would all be working towards better lives for billions of people. More sustainable and Better trade deals with nations.  And the list goes on.  And Republicans want to throw ALL THIS OUT?  The only thing that republicans can do is theft, which they just proved to us on a national level.

It sounds like republican electors want a republican in.  I ask, how can they do that when it was the republicans themselves who stole and invalidated the whole election.  This is not fair Representative Lewis.  It is not fair at all to the American people, NOT FAIR TO HILLARY CLINTON, not fair to billions of people and the amazing blessings that would have come out of her administration. It is not fair to all the future murders rape, suicide, beating, and hate victims.  NOT FAIR AT ALL TO ANY VICTIM OR ANYONE!  Are we going to fight back against Trump and the RNC  and install the sole and rightful heir to the Oval Office?

What scares republicans the most is more REAL CHANGE!  Again for the first time in history we would have could Take action to finally end #extremepoverty and #genderinequality world-wide.  Voting Hillary Clinton into office will begin to enact these POSITIVE massive changes in global issues and help give billions a full stomach more secure and safer lives.  You will be doing a great thing by ushering in this era of global equality by simply having a second election.  I have not mentioned this in my dealings with people as Americans would assume that the word global infers solely grants, money being sent OUT of the country and nothing for Americans when in fact if one were to think about it, the term GLOBAL refers also to our homeland where people could seriously use the assistance and it will be provided.

The Russian’s actions in the U.S. Elections Republican governor’s shutting down elections centers, with their outright unconstitutional Election Theft and their 5K secret church network. Yes, there is still a war to fight and President Elect Hillary Clinton still needs us.  I am one of the voices from the masses.  Everyday Americans want more Real Change and a continuance of President Obama’s administration.  The nationwide protests have stated so.   We haven’t even begun to fight for Hillary yet, as we are waiting.  Hold on Hillary, here we come!

Finally, sir, I commend you on your spirit and your drive and your dedication.  I ask for HIGH FIVES NATIONWIDE to you sir for FIGHTING ON.  You are my kind of hero and my brother.

“Women’s Rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are Women’s Rights.”

-Hillary Rodham Clinton

September 5, 1995                                                                                                                                                United Nations Fourth World                                                                                                                        Congress on Women in Beijing

P.S.  I would say that it resonates just as loud, if not louder now, than then.

Respectfully Yours,

Allan Hill,

Olympia, WA



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