Montezuma moonlight

Montezuma moonlight

(Constraint: Feminine/building)

By Allan Hill

Tense stillness of moonlight,

Screams of nocturnal flesh,

Hands clenched,



glistening against the rippled walls of Montezuma,

Masculine massive softness, wetness, waves of Luna’s heat,             succumbing            building

Firey hunger that oceans                         cannot                         quench

Massive mount of Eros, full                        of life,             sweltering

Waves of heat, unbearable likeness   of               heat                                    ache

After wave . . .



Surf wind song                                                                                                wave,

After wave,                         erecting, again                        into

The consuming waiting darkness

Recede                         erecting,

Glistening Eros, quivering Eros

Clenched hands of sand

Digging deep,                         condensed heat                                    creating glass

Massive walls of Montezuma                        expanding

Spewing             into                                      awaiting darkness, massive sweet star light

Starry starry night trails,             reflecting             in beads              Montezuma’s light,

Clad in moonlight            Blinding                        heaving            Star Light

Starlight            trailing                        Luna’s heat                         runneth over

Immersion             water                                                             Release

Receding                   Soft stillness of moonlight

Fingers                                                                                                             interlaced

About batai52

Brother, father, photographer, filmmaker, writer, artist, veteran, Iroquois/Scottish, aquarian and lover of Martinis "so dry you have to blow the dust off." There are many I admire: Maya Angelou, Ezra Pound, Morris Dees, Cornel West and Alan Alda (Hawkeye Pierce M*SH) for his art and activism. A true activist. Me? Just a ripple on a wave, a feminist in training (FIT) ;-) and working on my own human condition. Onward . . . . .
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