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War Powers Act

Since the earliest recorded times humanity has never had too much problem in defining a reason to go to war.  The simplest things like shiny objects and resources have always been a running favorite.  In contemporary times with the advent of instant communication and an American war chest that equals our GNP American presidents now struggle between their own principles and outward pressures over the decision whether to go to war.

The War Powers act that was first enacted in 1917 and tweaked in 1933, 1941 and 1973 consecutively has also been a great benefactor in a president’s decision to speak with congress, albeit when a country screams in the heat of the night for protection from maniacal psychopaths and rogue dictators who have they always called?  Everyone calls the United States armed forces because they know for a fact the mission statement will be on of mercy and protection.   The U.S. military does not care if the United Nations, NATO or the Arab League itself tags along, just as long as their mission statement stays the same and the people are once again free to make their own free and democratic choices for who runs the country.


With the understanding that a final long-lasting peace between Israel and Palestine depends wholly on the inclusion of both the West Bank and Gaza in a Palestinian State it is now time that the west rises from its previous hypocrisies of the past reach out to this new fledgling Palestinian nation in friendship.  By supporting a unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood followed by immediate and energetic ongoing negotiations in finally coming to terms with this “deadly status quo” as President Obama dutifully penned the ongoing regional frustrations.

With the signing it is important that Hamas abide to a full cease-fire with Israel, and it will be incumbent upon Israel to recognize and honor the Palestinian sovereignty and its borders.  As President Carter stated in Palestine: Peace not Apartheid, “We will not learn how to live together in peace by killing each other’s children.”

This is a very profound time and it is a fantasy for millions come true if it happens.  Finally, children will be able to go to school and eventually learn about old fears and new desires for their futures.  Mothers and fathers will have a land to start building upon for their families and communities.  Schools and mosques will rise, and the bitterness and nervousness of yesterday will eventually fall, subside, and become memories in history books.  Buses will be full of students, friends, lovers, laughter, and not places of death.  Bellies will be full, minds will be enriched, hearts will be content, Arabs and Israeli alike will be heard through the alleys and hallways laughing and singing, and the stars will shine just a little bit more brightly for all.  I will accept my passing in this life knowing that you have sat down my brown-skinned brothers and talked, and recognize the brethren within you.  In my little Buddhist way, I pray that day to usher in quickly.  The universe is great.

Bush’s Nazi History

In response to “Yes, let us all be outraged at someone using the term NAZI.  Meanwhile it is A-ok to call a former President that, is it not?   Prescott Bush’ (GWBs grandfather) business dealings persevered through until the company’s assets were seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act.  Interesting enough 60 years later a civil action continues for damages in Germany against the Bush family by two individuals who were slave workers at Auschwitz.

When I first started to voice my opinion about George W. Bush (GWB) is when he first won the 2004 elections by theft and judicial impropriety (the illegal election) I’ve got the CIA and all the other acronyms watching my keyboard.  I am still a diehard believer that eventually the truth will come out and those responsible will pay dearly.  Then again, I just may be living in Disneyland also.  Albeit I am rational enough to realize that we will never be able too undue all the harm and horror the illegal president GWB and his Schutzstaffel (SS) visited upon the nation and the globe.

Where was John Hinckley, Jr. when we needed him the most?  Forget I even said that because he was a woos of a shot, and someone should have shot him for missing.  Do not  get me wrong.  I am not one prone to acts of violence without clear, legal, and justifiable reasons, however I whole-heartedly believe in taking a life if it means saving hundreds of thousands of innocent ones.  And now, the math:

360, 000 : 1  = equals better odds than GWB ever gave any of his victims.

I realize that this is not the answer but hey how many countries have we been doing the exact same thing in?  I mean why DID they have to shut Bin Laden up, while giving him no legal status as a human being?  It was because of what he and his parents both knew about “Dubya” and 9/11 that would put both Bush and his henchmen behind bars for eternity.  I guess we will never really know now.  How Tidy?

In closing, you can sure in the hell believe that the Swiss had the right idea all along.  Moreover, “If you are paranoid, you are not paranoid enough


 It is not “What causes do you care about?,” that matters so much as there is enough pain and misfortune in the human condition to go around for many kelps (eons).  Albeit, the volunteer’s heart and soul are two of the most impenetrable forces of the universe.  There will be problems when you wake in the morning, so pick what opens your heart the widest and eases you soundly to sleep.

Oscar Zeta Acosta

From the perspective of a “Brown eyed Chicano,” who served in the Armed Forces of his country and fought for “God and country” Oscar Zeta Acosta becomes a Chicano lawyer-activist. In high school, however, he started to abuse alcohol and drugs which eventually allegedly affect his final demise. There is a major theme present is his process of formation and transformation. This alienated individual eventually becomes the modem-day Robin Hood of East LA. Acosta encompasses issues of ethnicity, the self conscious-ness of Mexican Americans in the United States, and the rights of Chicanos in political activism.

The “religious war is set in the eruptive 1960’s and 1970’s, time periods marked by social unrest and the tragic Vietnam War. His style of taking it to the streets as an attorney his activities began in Oakland but it was in East Los Angeles where he gained notoriety for defending criminal defendants in political cases. Acosta defended various Chicano protest groups and activists such as the Saint Basil 21 and Rodolfo “Corky”Gonzalez and Reis Tijerina.

His feelings of alienation, mistrust, and dislocation in his work affected his self-identity in the midst of an Anglo society at a time of great social unrest within the Chicano community which led to his profound epiphany after a depression and self-talk about Hitler, pig-tailed belles and Mexican girls, the acknowledged complexities of self, and then a Mexican American Self. The lost Oscar Zeta Acosta discovers himself after what started as a torch at the end of a tunnel, turned into his own self-discovery and internal fire of sense of purpose and identity.

“Asi Pasa el tiempo, y con el, esto momentos intimos.  Vivar, Aprendar y nunca olvidar.”                                                                                     – Jose Lojo

“Like this passes the time, and with it, these intimate moments.  Live,

learn and never forget.

– Jose Lojo

Pues Si y Tu?:  Perspectives of the Latino Community In Los Angeles

Any study of Los Angeles will be incomplete without the inherent beauty of the Latino culture that has historically added to the texture of our kaleidoscopic Los Angeles population in many forms.  As with all Americans who live in the greater Southwestern United States each has achieved a measure of mutual respect, although in Southern California the conflict still continues to threaten the livelihood and the culture of individuals with the same time worn and shallow ideas of Manifest Destiny.  With the realities being constantly argued, the simple truth of the matter is that the United States was first formed by illegals.

Many of the perspectives that are currently being discussed encompass issues of ethnicity, the self-consciousness of Mexican Americans in the United States, the rights of Chicanos in political activism, alcohol and drug abuse, cultural disempowerment, and racial stereotyping will continue to take on new definitions as Latinos finally find themselves enjoying their new broadening political pool of Southern California.

This pre-European culture has continued to open its arms to all, including the living and the passed.  How could a society that has been taught from childhood to feed strangers, not to fear something that is as natural as death and to see it as a natural transition (as do other eastern beliefs) have ended up being so misrepresented by our society?; by a nation that supposedly retains a Bill of Rights yet legally discriminates in its daily dealings with non-Eurocentric communities.  As a nation whose population is less than five percent of the globes total, we lead in consumption of all natural resources and goods.  Because of our robust military we have for the most part have been very sheltered from the stark realities of daily living that other countries experience every day.  We have lost contact with that part of our communal soul by our disconnectedness, our ignorance, and cultural Apartheid.

If we are ever to truly be a people united with a realistic view of ourselves, our neighbors, and our place in society then we aught to look within the real history of our nation, our own lives and examine our pasts and rectify any ambiguities or errors.  We cannot continue as a nation to lie to our young through biased school textbooks whose authors have been called to explain complete historical discrepancies and our own cultural ignorance’s regardless of how uncomfortable it many be to hear truths that we know to be.

“You’ve got to live one day at a time, and you must live each day as if it would be your last”

-Oscar Zeta Acosta

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