Puget Sound pollution

Governor Christine Gregoire and Washington State politicians have shed a recent and alarming light on the state’s climate change by focusing on the regions serious problems that demand immediate attention.  With her championing of a major “raft of state measures” that will add to Washington state’s contribution to climate change, much more immediate work needs to be done to combat the continuing degradation of our most natural resources and maintain a healthy Puget sound for present and future residents of Washington state.  Washington state is known for its much touted recreation facilities that is responsible for its almost $10B yearly tourism industry.

Puget Sound, I believe is one of the world’s most greatest wonders with its awe-inspiring natural beauty and its temperate rainforest ecosystem, although the sound is also a magnet for all kinds of human activity including those that kill ecosystems.  Its marine waterways and basins while being a much desired regional transportation choice in getting home via the area’s state-run ferry system has served the same needs for the area’s indigenous people for millennia.

Puget sound is now under attack by invisible invaders, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). PCBs which are highly toxic are used in a vast majority of industrial and marine products. Local marine species such as the Killer whales and Harbor Seals are now expiring at younger ages and at increasingly exponential rates with the areas growing development. People for Puget Sound is currently working towards the protection and restoration of Puget Sound and Northwest Straits through planned action and community education.


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