The Hypocrite’s Oath

This is a rebuttal to a published story on Comcast’s homepage entitled “Today’s Highlights” of June 29, 2011:  “Why You Make the Wrong Decisions (Generic drugs.)

As a child in Boston’s housing projects I too was affected by the poison that racism spews upon the voiceless, which escalated into the city’s School Segregation Riots.  It was not until later in life that I began to truly understand the real pain that was directly caused by the United Sates Constitution that started out as a racist rag for many Americans, yet today we continue to battle racism and worse, classism.

Recently the Supreme Court of the United States and specifically Justice Clarence Thomas proved the court does not have the interest of Americans at heart and proved that we no longer live in a free republic by their decision to stand against Americans without voices and with the Korporate military pharmaceutical industrial complex.  In a ruling that states it is legal for drug corporations to not have to print fatality warnings of generic drugs Justice Thomas in his bastion of wisdom had been quoted in 2004 as believing “that an erroneous decision can and should be overturned, no matter how old it is.”  We are waiting Justice Thomas.

“What is moral for Korporate America is not safe “for America and for sure NOT FOR AMERICANS.”  Did you get that Comcast?  Yes, generic drugs companies can and will kill Americans and now they have a hall pass to do exactly that.  What shall we do?  WHAT SHALL WE DO?


About batai52

Brother, father, photographer, filmmaker, writer, artist, veteran, Iroquois/Scottish, aquarian and lover of Martinis "so dry you have to blow the dust off." There are many I admire: Maya Angelou, Ezra Pound, Morris Dees, Cornel West and Alan Alda (Hawkeye Pierce M*SH) for his art and activism. A true activist. Me? Heading towards being a feminist and I am working on my own human condition. Onward Together!
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