Not your Father’s Constitution Anymore


Not your Father’s Constitution Anymore

Our cultural traditions and ethos are one of death.  Big oil and coal, you are standing in the way because you know that this is the beginning of the end for you as accomplices of ongoing environmental pollution that continually kills and hospitalizes thousands of children and the infirmed yearly.  We know you will try every sneaky underhanded, inhuman trick up your miserable corporate sleeves to de-rail and disrupt any worthwhile progress in halting the killing fields of global pollution if it means financial increases in your coffers.

The latest fiasco with the emails when President Obama was in Copenhagen should be enough to raise the conscience of those who are unsure of what we are fighting.  The fight is for your children’s children future, if there is one.  This fight is for ALL humanity, yes even the fat pig polluters who think they can oink their way around the planet without consequence.  This fight is for Earth, our home.

This is a new day, and we have learned what to expect from Neo-cons, wanna-be republican/democrats during the healthcare debate, not to mention those who are in the closet of their insecurity of their respective political leanings when it counts the most.  We know you now and you will be removed from office, and you will be outed.  This is not your day anymore.  The time of destruction has ended.  The time for construction has begun.  The time of treating our Earth as if it were your own personal playground to be used at the whim of only the worlds ten percent has ended.  From now on if you are against the revitalization of our Earth you will be voted out and somebody who embodies and personifies progressive changes will hold your position and office.

As for the continuing health of the “Big Three” automobile manufactures, where they on the bus when scientists and environmentalists began to complain as far back as the 1970s and 80s’ as to our regard to the relationship between our slowly dying planet and our nations addiction to oil?  No!  They were unrepentant then and I am sure that they will continue to choose to stockpile wealth over the simple choice of doing what is right and eventually winning in the end anyways.  As a writer mentioned once on Larry King show’s blog about the motto on the GM factory floor, ” Quantity not quality.  GET IT OUT THE DOOR.”  Sadly, enough said about Made in America!  In the past hundred years we have as a society enjoyed quantum leaps in technology, especially electronics bought on by the progress we have made in our other international partners in the space program.  With this said, why have we not witnessed a mere minutia of a percentage of the progress in the car and transportation industries as that of the space and Shuttle programs?  I am sure we can all agree that a lack of funds can be taken off the table as an answer.

Michael Moore on the Larry King show once said as he spoke for millions of Americans who have been summoned to voice their frustration with ‘business as usual,’ and “one would have to be physically blind not to see the changing images of global climate control, bought on partly by the car manufacturing industry and green house gasses.”  We spoke in a unified voice on November 4, 2009 when we said ENOUGH.  It is now too late for the parasitic CEOs of yesterday to attempt to induce old methods into the 21st. century problems.

Already scientists, both woman and men of conscience are beginning to break ranks with the old and dead environmental policies of yesterday and looking to the future and new voices of more women entering the sciences.  Its time has come, and the movement continues, and one cannot stop a movement.  It has its own life.  Understanding their place in the argument why, even NASA now uses a rocket fuel that burns and uses 99.9 percent of its product which creates no harmful environmental side affects for the planet.

This is our planet also, and it is not for your raping, and we will not take it anymore.  If you do not want to change with us by developing greener technologies and begin to care more about the planet, and a sound infrastructure for more cost and energy efficient technologies in your business concerns, then you can stand on the side of the road with your tin cups, dreaming of the toxic-filled air of yesteryear, as younger companies take the lead in reducing our national and individual carbon foot prints in both our professional and private lives.

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Brother, father, photographer, filmmaker, writer, artist, veteran, Iroquois/Scottish, aquarian and lover of Martinis "so dry you have to blow the dust off." There are many I admire: Maya Angelou, Ezra Pound, Morris Dees, Cornel West and Alan Alda (Hawkeye Pierce M*SH) for his art and activism. A true activist. Me? Just a ripple on a wave, a feminist in training (FIT) ;-) and working on my own human condition. Onward . . . . .
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